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Archie Seale ’93

For Archie Seale ‘93, The Governor’s Academy was the first place he gained courage in his abilities outside the sports arena. It is a confidence he still taps today in his role managing strategic partnerships at technology company, Ricoh USA.

“I never saw myself as an academic. I guess I still don’t,” he says, laughing. “But Govs was the first place that I tried to do something that wasn’t just sports focused. I went out for student council and got a position. It was the first time I said, oh yeah, I can do these types of things!”

Thanks to football coach Paul Sullivan, Seale also realized how far his athletic abilities could take him.

“He got on the phone and called coaches and let people know I was out there,” Seale says. “And ultimately I got a full scholarship to college in large part because of the leg work that he did.”

As someone who attended The Governor’s Academy with the help of financial aid, Seale holds the ongoing health of the endowment as key to the school’s overall success, and an integral part of the With True Courage campaign.

“It is critical in my eyes to make sure the school is a place that is able to allow kids who want to be there, to be there,” he says.

Now helping to plan his 25-year class reunion, Seale also gives back as a part of the Alumni Council and a Board of Trustees member.

“It’s given me a good view of all the things that go into making the school this magical place that it was for me. There is so much intent behind all that happens on a day to day basis,” he says. “In a lot of ways it has made it feel even more special because now I know how hard people worked to make it the way that it was, and is, today.”