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Elizabeth Ruhl

Elizabeth Ruhl came to The Governor’s Academy eager for the opportunity to work with high school students. Thirty-three years later, it is the students that keep her here, in her dual role as AP Psychology teacher and School Counselor.

“I am privileged to be able to see young people grow and prosper and become their true selves,” she says. “As a psychotherapist, I feel honored that people allow me to be a part of their personal narrative in life. The trust that people have given me is probably one of the things that I am overwhelmed by daily.”

Outside of her primary role, Ruhl shows courage in pursuit of her personal passion, increasing campus diversity. As a member of the school’s Diversity Steering Committee, Ruhl was a part of conversations on hiring practices, and supporting students of color. She says that diversity has changed tremendously in her tenure at Govs, and credits the hiring of a Dean of Multicultural Education with some of that progress.

“That has been really a wonderful growth for the school,” she says.

Ruhl appreciates that she has always felt comfortable expressing her passions and opinions with full support from the Gov’s community.

“The community is caring and nurturant. It is a community that meets people where they are. That is an incredible gift,” she says.

Ruhl is also devoted to increasing attention on student health and wellness. She hopes that with the program support generated through the With True Courage campaign, the school can excel using a holistic approach, with added focus on everything from mindfulness to support services.

“We provide a fantastic education for students but where we are in this world right now demands more than that. We have to really take a ‘whole person’ look at what we’re doing,” she says. “If we do that better, we serve everyone better.”