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Kyle Rochford ’18

“If I could pick one defining characteristic of Govs, I would say it’s community,” says Student Body President Kyle Rochford. “It’s everything. When you walk by people, you greet them. It’s a small act but I think it makes our place special.”

Rochford admits that when he first arrived at The Governor’s Academy, saying hi wasn’t something that came naturally to him.

“I was a lot more shy than I am now,” he says. “I wouldn’t talk to people, I had to talk to the floor. But over the years as I became more comfortable here, I’ve definitely started to branch out. That’s been huge for me.”

Now preparing to attend Colby College in the fall, Rochford feels ready to keep what he has heard Dean of Students Jed Wartman refer to as ‘the Govs effect’, alive and well.

“I’m moving up to a place that’s maybe four times bigger than Byfield,” he says. “I’m definitely going to take what I’ve learned at Govs, socially, and apply that there.”

Rochford also plans to stay involved with his alma mater, inspired by his mother, Kim, who graduated in ‘86. Seeing her keep in touch with her classmates and still attend reunions over thirty years later, has reinforced for Kyle that Govs is more than a school.

“Anyway that I can help give back to this great community is really an honor for me,” he says. Right now that includes reviewing plans for the renovated and reimagined Peter Marshall French Student Center, a priority of the With True Courage campaign, as a part of his role on student council.

“It will have everything we’re looking for,” he says. “I’d be super excited to come back for my five year reunion and see an awesome student center and be able to hang out there with my classmates.”